Avant-garde/Atmospheric black metal (London, UK)

Lychgate is an atmospheric/avant-garde black metal project formed in 2011. If they started out as a promising black metal band. they've now become the sort of act capable of crafting masterpieces in none but their own image. Lychgate is made-up of members from different acts such as Esoteric, The One, Lunar Aurora, and Omega Centauri. The most recent opus, 'An Antidote for the Glass Pill', was released in 2015 on the label Blood Music. The album was very well received by the press, who remarked on the intense, bizarre and complex character of the music. Come, let‘s dive into mesmerising madness together in Dauba.

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Black/Sludge/Post-Metal (Oleúnica, PL)

Reassured that the future of mankind must be psychedelic or there may be none at all, Entropia stands out as zealots of the Terrence McKenna's futuristic vision of the world, demanding the restitution of tribal consciousness and discarding the materialistic civilization that surrounds us. Rising our heads towards the endless void, we await the incoming answer in silence. Nothing further beyond. They already spread these ideas while playing with Mayhem, Altar of Plagues and Minsk, and this Summer they’ll do it in Dauba.

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Major Kong

Doom/stoner metal (Lublin, PL)

Major Kong was born in late 2010 in Lublin, Poland. From the very beginning they were a non-vocal trio. Just riffs and heaviness exploding from the guitar, bass, drums, loud amps and large cabinets. A young, but definately mind blowing band has already released five studio workds, including a simple joy of playing without any wicked studio-tricks continued with memorable gigs and more sets of tunes published in 2015: a split 12" with Dopelord and an EP entitled "Galactic Cannibalism". YOU simply have to see them live.

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Doom/stoner metal (Warsaw, PL)

Sunnata (sanskrit, noun for "voidness", "emptiness") is a soundscape, where noise crossfades clearness – where walls of fuzz, delay and reverb confront the monolith of absolute silence. Driven by addiction to low frequencies, SUNNATA merge psychedelic trips, doomed & catchy heavy riffage with oriental vibe along with grungy vocals and intense grooves - ritual heavy music.

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Black/Death (Vilnius, LT)

This band, which usually doesn’t speak too much about themselves, has declared their antireligious views more than once in the past. What started as a black/death metal band is now turning to the even darker side of this genre, and what they are creating now will mercilessly crush our wicked souls. Last year they were supposed to play on our stage, but they couldn’t, so this year they will pay their debts over and above.

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Post-metal (Vilnius, LT)

In 2012 one person barricaded himself inside of a studio and created one of the first post-rock projects in Lithuania. In 2016 this project became a full band and started live performances. Harsher than usual for post-rock sound, dreamy, but not too sweet guitar solos, this is the signature sound of Autism's album „The Crawling Chaos“which was released by Mexico based label „Throat Productions“ and which you'll be able to hear in Daubos Griaucmas live.

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Saturn's Husk

Sludge/Doom (Riga, LV)

Saturn's Husk is a sludge/doom trio from a dusky and grim Latvian capital, that came together in the mid-autumn of 2014 with a simple goal in their minds - to worship slow, heavy riffs... and Satan. Volume is the weapon! Riffs are the ammunition!

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Grindcore (Vilnius, LT)

Get a nice plate of hot steaming grindcore from Vilnius this year at Dauba.

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Death metal/deathcore (Riga, LV)

Mayla is a Latvian death metal/deathcore band from Riga named after rare Sanskrit name "Mayla". Band's members had rich experience playing in other bands (Asthma, Sacramental, Begotten, Puffin, A.R.T. band, Escape from Within, Finger Salad) in various music styles, starting from jazz and electronic, finishing with symphonic metal. Their experience allows them to create energetic and enticing performances, which you’ll be able to witness in Dauba. And for now you can listen to their freshly released album.

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Thrash Metal (Kaunas, LT)

Pure thrash, true alcoholic killers. If you remember the year ’83 (even if you weren’t born yet) with nostalgia, as well as these guys, then this is just the thing for you. Fastest band in Kaunas, with fingers so fast, that your girlfriend will finish sooner than their songs end.

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Black metal (Riga, LV)

Not unusually for black metal, this 4-piece black metal band from Latvia started as a solo project. Their live performances pulse with dark atmosphere and blast beats. It's a blend of chaotic dissonance and folk melodies.

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Sraigës Efektas

Repeat rock (Vilnius, LT)

One more unexpected addition to our list - Sraigës Efektas. With these repeat rock experimenters always expect the unexpected.

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black/sludge (Kaunas, LT)

Sounds tortured by depression and paranoia. It‘s a representation of band‘s members mental instability which catches and pushes you into a horrible mental plane deep inside your mind, where sometimes everyone returns. There you are suffocating and chocking on black mud, your mind is weak, inner pain flows outside and your aggression mixes with depression. In this state you are desperate to scream until your voice breaks.

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