The timetable is ready, check it out in the Program tab.

Sraigës Efektas


One more unexpected addition to our list - Sraigës Efektas. With these repeat rock experimenters always expect the unexpected.



Doomo metal shamans Sunnata join this year's Daubos Griaucmas and promise to emerse you in a stunning trance.

Dauba shows itself


First look at our this year's poster and design of the t-shirts.



Autism (Post-metal) - the crawling chaos.



Lychgate (Avant-garde/Atmospheric black metal) - phenomenal black metal atmosphere.



Farđas (Grindcore) – nice steaming plate of grindcore.



Mayla (Death metal/deathcore) – sterile autopsy scalpels.



Tručas (Thrash Metal) – Thrash metal from '83 and Kaunas.



Velnezers (Black metal) – black metal from the depths of Devil's lake.

Major Kong


Major Kong (Doom/stoner metal) – instrumental stoner doom from Poland.



Tuurngait (Black/Death) – and God wept.


Entropia (Black/Sludge/Post-Metal) – Unique psychedelic experience from Poland.

Saturn's Husk

Saturn's Husk (Sludge/Dom) - Volume is the weapon! Riffs are the amunition!


Deprivacija (black/sludge) – Mental violence from Kaunas.

Next incarnation - 2016.08.12 - 2016.08.13

More news - soon...

ATTENTION! Important info for the Dauba Fest:

• You CAN'T bring your own alcohol into the territory
• NO glass containers, also NO harmful things (knives, bats...) are allowed in the territory.
• People trying to sneack into the fest without paying WILL BE BANNED.
• Please be respectful to the town and festival, clean up after yourselves, don't break stuff.
• There will be one big fireplace. No other fireplaces are allowed. You can however, use your own grills, but keep in mind the staying clean part..
• Security will be provided by MC VORAI.
• There will be a couple water sinks/drinking water places, but do take care to bring your own water. Also please look at the maps of Seredzius, there is a river nearby which we recommend to try.
• Tickets are sold only at the gates. No single day tickets.
• Children up to 12 years old can come to the festival free of charge, but he has to be accompanied by adults.
• At the info booth you can charge your phone, but bring your own charger.
• Car parking costs 2 € as there wil be people guarding the parking space.
• Good and tasty food will be provided by local cooks.
• Beer - DUNDULIS. Best you can find. They promised us to make a special brand of beer just for DAUBA!
• Photographers,journalists and other media people, you can freely document everything you see, but if you want free passes or access to the stage, CONTACT US BEFOREHAND. Otherwise you'll have to pay for your ticket as every other guest.
• If you are bringing your pet to the festiva, please take care of it and don't let it disturb everybody else's comfort.
• There will be additional activities, such as football 5x5 (regsiter your team on friday in the Info Booth), Palette stage (to the ones who want to show their musical skills, photo wall, drawing wall, XXX booth, etc.
• Also, if you have an old boring T-Shirt, bring 'em here and make your own Dauba Fest T-shirt! We'll help you with that.
• To all still questioning where is it - here's a link:

We guarantee you good weather and great time. Catch the latest news in our Facebook!


And Nemunas with Dubysa shall flow with blood

DG 2015 keeps getting darker.

Please welcome occult black metal shamans NAHASH, Kaunas black metal brigade LUCTUS, Vilnius urbanistic anger spreders NYKSTa, blasphemers from Vilnius TUURNGAIT, and Vilnius black metalrock players and darkness worshipers DZJAVALAS.

Juodvarnis returns to Daubos GRiaucmas

Bandslist for DG 2015 keeps growing!

A wing, black as coal, shall pierce the night‘s sky, a rain of stars will descend on you and the music of JUODVARNIS will lift you up and take you to a journey, that only the dead can experience. An unforgetable night awaits you this August, as exactly here, in Dauba fest, surrounded by the beautiful sights of Seredţius, JUODVARNIS will present us their new album „Mirusio ţmogaus kelionë“ („A Journey of a dead man“). Hard and progressive metal music, and mesmerizing mythology will keep you awake and make you scream primal screams.

Sounds of Dauba are getting louder

Here is another addition to our 2015 lineup.

It's the notorious smoke machines from Poland - WEEDPECKER! KARMA IS FAT!!!

And that's not all, soon we'll announce other bands too, that will definately kick ass. But for now - clock on the picture bellow and listen to the newest album of WEEDPECKER.

Sounds of Dauba

Here are the first names of the 2015 edition. This year we're gona mosh till we drop.

We're gonna play some ass kicking rock&roll with stoners from Vilnius BLACK CITRUS! HELL YEAH!!!

We're also gonna feel every inch of the darkness with post-black-rockers from Kaunas EXTRAVAGANZA. Yes, baby, don't stop...

And call go with these crazy much christian drum'n'bassers from Vilnius MCLOUD. AMEN!

Click on the picture to get to the Facebook event, and see you in Dauba.

Daubos Griaucmas 2015

The most notorious and most ridiculous summer open-air is coming back... Again.

Just when you thought that your summer will be calm and easy, Dauba Fest is coming back to destroy you. And this time we will be bashing your heads with metal for two straight days, that is 7 and 8 of August. We will soon start to anounce the bands and other details so don't forget to bookmark this page and like our FB page (daubabook button up right).

For now you can check pictures from last year by clicking on the picture of this post.

2015 will be insane!!!

Dienos iki GRIAUCMO