So where the hell is it?

No need to worry. If you want to see the exact spot in google maps, just click on the link bellow. By seeing where the green arow is pointing, you can see where this Seredžius is and where is the party.

Or in your just type into your GPS device the following address: J. Marcinkevičiaus g. 2, Seredžius, Jurbarko raj., Lietuva.



Seredžius can also be reached by bus. To check what lithuanian buses are going through Seredžius you can go to



To reach by your own car

If you want to get there by your own transport (a car, a hot air ballon, or a jetpack) here are a bit more precise directions, once you get to Seredžius.

As you'll notice, Seredžius is in between two cities - Kaunas and Jurbarkas

From whichever side you'll come, you'll see the signs with our towns name on them. You will need to turn to the road where the brown sign "St. Šimkaus" gimtinė is pointing. This one:

From there everything's simple

  1. When you turn into that road, turn to first right (look to the map above).
  2. Then all the way down the St. Šimkaus street until you see abig statue of a kneeling soldier with trees around it. Then turn left to go up the hill. (or, more simple, always go the main road)
  3. When you get to the top, the walkers can go to the first road on the right. And the ones with cars, can go to the parking lot (second right).

A bit bellow you can see how we plan to position stuff in our area.


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